LADY FOXGLOVE Lady Foxglove started communicating with spirit and displaying psychic abilities at a very young age. When her family discovered that these were not imaginary friends, but spirits in their home, these gifts were discouraged.  She was told to go to church.  She dutifully went to church and practiced in private, as spirit had a lot to say... a writer with a specialized skill for production. Lady Foxglove became a journalist in her 20s and in her 30s realized that spirit wanted to speak with her while she wrote and researched.  In this way she continued to work in secret for many additional years.  Lady Foxglove was initiated into The Craft (where seeing spirit is considered a gift) at the age of 16 She has studied mediumship with spiritualists and psychics. She took from these teachings the daily practice of autowriting, dream journaling, and the practice of trust. Lady Foxglove trusts positive energy,her guides of light and angels are her working partners. Lady Foxglove is an esoteric astrologer, accomplished tarot reader, and is honored to have risen to third degree wiccan high priestess.                LADY FOXGLOVE                    High Priestess Divination Team Divination Divination Parties Gifts, Spells & Ritual Items Intro & Link to Hekate's Sacred  Temple Web Site Social & Meetup Groups Contact Us © Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State 2014 - Version 2.0